Tuition Payment Plan

Pay your tuition and fees in monthly installments

Colorado Mountain College gives you the option of paying your tuition and fees in monthly payments using the FACTS payment plan. Here’s how…

  • You must first apply  for admission
  • Once your application is on file, you will receive a WebAdvisor Credit Student login (may take up to 24 hours)
  • Then go to WebAdvisor/Setup Payment Plan-FACTS (login required; contact the Service Desk for help)
  • Follow the Payment Plan instructions

Online Registration and FACTS payment plan

When you register online and sign up for a payment plan, be sure to tell your campus that you have signed up with the FACTS plan. Otherwise, you may be dropped overnight for non-payment from classes registered online. During regular business hours (8-5 Mountain Time) email Willa Kane or call: 970-384-8509.

After hours, contact the registration clerk at your campus.